Local Private Chef & Catering on Kaua'i


Our very own, Marla Pidot, just moved back to Kaua’i in March to help design our Nourish Hanalei farmstand menu. With six plus years of experience under her belt working as a private chef in Encinitas, California we are happy to have her expertise! Along with her holistic nutrition degree, Marla emphasizes using food as medicine, a way to heal the body and create vitality. Marla always utilizes an abundance of fresh ingredients to create her meals. She is a big supporter of plant based eating as well as the ancestral view on food preparation. She loves to create world cuisine and takes influence from her travels thru Europe, the Middle East, Asia, Mexico and beyond!

As you can see from her website menu she welcomes clients with food allergies, intolerances and special dietary restrictions.

Let Marla + Nourish Hanalei cater your next private dinner, intimate wedding party event, or catering!

Contact - Marla for more info (808) 652-1324 // info@wellneswithmarla.com

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